Crop Protection: Why Do You Need It?

As an agriculturalist, the most important thing is to have a clear strategy to protecting your crops so that you can avoid losing your yield to pests. History has been evidence that many devastation in crops have happened due to insects and pest attacks.

Post World War I, Germany faced severe casualties due to potato crop failure. There have also been other cases of crop failure around the world have affected people throughout the history.

According to the recent statistics, almost 16.7% of the yield is lost because of diseases, 23.9% of the yield is lost because of weeds, and almost 11.3% is lost due to pests and insects if a through crop protection strategy is not in place.

The biggest example is Stark figures from the Southern part of Africa where almost 15% of the crop yield was lost due to diseases, 20% was lost to weeds, an additional 30% was lost to insects. If you are looking for a great ROI on your farm produce, you need to ensure that the failure of crops is reduced to the bare minimum.

The Top Reasons You Need  the Right Crop Protection Strategy

Crop protection solutions isn’t just about protecting your harvest, it’s also about ensuring that your farm produce is healthy, using solutions like bio-pesticdes – something exerts like can help you with.

If you are wondering how the right crop protection strategy can help you get better farm produce, here are some of the things that you need to know.

Ensure productivity

 As an agriculturalist, if you want a healthy farm produce, you can ensure that there is some amount of consistency in your crop production. Your production outcome is usually as expected.

Moreover, using bio-pesticides can be greatly beneficial for your overall crop health too- and that’s something experts like DKBcrop help you with – guiding you with crop protection consultations and solutions tailored to meet your different needs.

Avoid loss

With the right crop protection strategy , you don’t end up losing your yield due to an attack by insects, weeds or other pests. All your hard work and labor does not go to waste.

Ensure good quality production

The quality of your agricultural production is also maintained. Without crop protection, you might end up losing most of the yield, and the leftover crops might not have the expected quality.

If you want to remain in the agribusiness, you know that you cannot lose out on potential farm produce and suffer from pest attacks. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to look out for experts who can help in developing such effective crop protection strategies like the proper use of biopesticides offering give you long-lasting results. You just need to invest in it once to keep your agricultural yields away from pests for a longer period.